FOLLOWING THE SIGNS  are a metal band coming out of Cork City Ireland.

The band has been together since 2017 and was founded by front man Dan Hayes they released their first self titled Ep in in 2017 which consisted of four tracks with heavy distorted guitars and heavy drum beats with a raw voice.

The band quickly grabbed the attention of the local metal scene and was quick to get the name around  being featured on Irish metal archive, burning metal Ireland, cranium titanium metal radio show and alt night radio, with their single “To Light a Fire” also getting a slot on the “Urban Assault Festival” a metal showcase of Irish bands.

In the country the band hopes to strive with their high ambitions and heavy music.

The band wishes only to grow as time goes on and they don’t show any signs of stopping with two guitars, a bassist drummer and a vocalist following the signs believe they can amount to great things.

REVIEWS-Far From Over

…The songs are well written and the album is well put together, the mixing is amazing, for a band thats only 2 years old they really hit it out of the park with this release…