ABOUT:BLANK project was born in Bologna in 2012 from the desire of four young musicians to the first experiences: Enrico and Mark founded the band and in the space of a few months Ambro and Raul joined the band.

After a few years spent between the rehearsal composition stage and the first live concerts, and a long search for a second guitarist, in 2015 Mazzio joined the band and it’s the beginning of a collaboration with NUKE CREW, a reality formed by other Bolognese bands.

The band enters in the studio and records its first album, “Random Rock” which will officially be released in 2017, completely self-made.

From 2016 onwards the band continues to working in parallel between concerts in Bologna and further work in the studio: after over 30 lives on stage and more than 200 albums sold, the band increases its artistic awareness and decides to change direction on the progressive rock / progressive metal world, leaving behind their big hard rock influence.

Their new album will be released by Too Loud Records/ WormHoleDeath in 2019 with the announce of the genre change.

REVIEWS-Anthology Of A Cave