Curt Cannabis began preforming and producing many years ago, after fronting multiple bands from Wolfgang to From Adam.  He has produced songs for the likes of garage bands with their rough sounds all the way to praised, Grammy winning artists.  He then started a solo act and released a few demos in 2016 under the name Ninestrum.  Then in 2019 he enlisted the help of fellow artists: Brian Dinger, guitarist and producer, Brian Bundy former bassist for Amanda Overmyer of American Idol, and on drums Matt Call, of the band Slur.
These men have been brought together not only for the music but also for the best possible performance for the audience.  Cannabis would rather play for 10 people that he can form a bond with than a 1000 people who came to drink and fight.  It’s about a forming a personal relationship between artist and listeners. Now with that bond having been formed you’ll to be smiling for the rest of your week, month, and year when you’re reminiscing about the performance.