OWN PAW THEE DIE are an italian “drunkard-happiness” band from Bologna, formed in 2017 in a rehearsal room, where the beers cost 2,50€ only. (66cl guys).

These 4 guys comes from the Hardcore-Metalcore scene, something that you really call “TRUE, STAY HC, SUPPORT YOUR SCENE”, but where people talk on your back while they’re giving each other the enamel on the toes.

Own Paw Thee Die born in this context and they sound like a dirty porn-Southern-Stoner Rock groove music with fictional lyrics that talks about the loveliness of stay high and the shit of living sorrounded by bald posers.

They recorded their first EP “Highway To Pleasure: Cock’s Tales, Vol.1” at Titans Lab Recording Studio with the production, mix and master of Riccardo Daga.

REVIEWS – Highway To Pleasure: Cock’s Tales, Vol.1 – EP

…The opening and humorously titled “Pussy Pill In My Drink” does some scene setting with its car and background noise before heavy solid riffs come in, followed by fierce commanding vocals. This is a great hard rocking track to kick off with…
…Final track which is brilliantly titled “AHOY! (F*ck The Whales)” is the longest offering, with great groovy southern guitar riffs, it will have you head banging for sure. It is a brilliant high energy way to end and contains seriously funny chanting. With its chugging guitar and smashing approach it’s a memorable listen.

This is all about fun hard rock, although the nature of lyrics and themes are not serious, they produce some straight up great rock, which makes for a great entertaining listen. You won’t regret checking it out…
“You won’t regret checking it out.”
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