Curt Cannabis began preforming and producing many years ago, after fronting multiple bands from Wolfgang to From Adam.  He has produced songs for the likes of garage bands with their rough sounds all the way to praised, Grammy winning artists.  He then started a solo act and released a few demos in 2016 under the name Ninestrum.  Then in 2019 he enlisted the help of fellow artists: Brian Dinger, guitarist and producer, Brian Bundy former bassist for Amanda Overmyer of American Idol, and on drums Matt Call, of the band Slur.
These men have been brought together not only for the music but also for the best possible performance for the audience.  Cannabis would rather play for 10 people that he can form a bond with than a 1000 people who came to drink and fight.  It’s about a forming a personal relationship between artist and listeners. Now with that bond having been formed you’ll to be smiling for the rest of your week, month, and year when you’re reminiscing about the performance.

REVIEWS – Curt Cannabis

Com um som jovem e cheio de energia, Curt Cannabis traz o single “Sad but true”.
O som de Curt é um punk pop de garagem com guitarras super distorcidas e um backing vocal feminino bem suave. “Sad but true” consegue ser nostálgico e moderno ao mesmo tempo. Além de contagiante!
…– O que originou a música? Olhei para o mundo hoje e vi como tudo é triste. Histórias tristes no noticiário e online. Eu apenas pensei, a frase da vez é “Triste mas Verdadeiro”

…The songs are not fast, rather mid tempo punk rock with gusto and deliberate built up of melody to sweet choruses. I love tribute to Elvira with Dear Elvira (Jewel of TV), also Atomic Heart is one of my personal favorites having such great chorus and melody…
…Curt Cannabis  is a veteran musician who entered the music industry as Curt Cannabis in 2016.  He released a few demos, which propelled his name to greater heights. In 2019, Curt recruited three legendary musicians to back him up.  Curt Cannabis is a high-energy, upbeat pop-punk rock recording artist that is captivating audiences across the United States and Europe…

…Saved my life è l’ep d’esordio di questo quartetto punk rock, forte di un’attitudine live e di una certa vivacità complessiva, complice anche la durata ridotta dell’opera, che si lascia ascoltare con brio…

…The single would later merge with their first EP album, Saved My Life, a record with seven hard-hitting beat-thumping tracks. The album includes songs like “Face,” “Pushing Paper Bridges,” “A Story (Saved My Life),” “My Own (Hand Held Messiah),” “So You Say,” and “Make Me Laugh.” Since its launch, Curt Cannabis hit over a thousand monthly listeners on the giant streaming platform Spotify…
…The pop punk band Curt Cannabis is on the rise. With lively and fun tunes that turn into instant earworms, the musical quad is leaving a mark in rock enthusiasts’ hearts and minds all over…

…As faixas do álbum são muito bem construídas dentro do estilo proposto. Sete canções para amantes de música, independente dos estilos! Alegria e diversão também são muito importantes em tempos de pandemia!…9/10
..Plattans absolut bästa spår är dock Pushing paper bridges – även om Falling sensation inte kommer långt efter … Pushing paper bridges är en ögonbrynshöjare och den som gillar Against Me! lär gilla detta för det påminner en hel del om dem. Det är fortsatt rock med punkkänsla. Så är det plattan igenom…4/5

…Dal punk rock di Pushing Paper Bridges o il pop punk di So You Say fino al rock scanzonato di A Story (Saved My Life) il cui riff sembra simulare un effetto AC/DC, assaggerete un rock leggero, ben registrato che ricorda un po’ quei brani tanto orecchiabili con videoclip sorridenti che passavano negli anni 90 su Mtv.

…”Falling Sensation” features massive sounding drums with thundering toms, energetic crunchy guitars, a deep rock-solid bass line, and a beautiful vocal that has encompassing melodies that soar over the other instruments. Every little detail of “Falling Sensation” has obvious care for attention and it simply works well together…