FANKAZ was born on June 2003 to create their own Melodic – Skatecore-style songs. After many changes in the group’s line-up, after friends’ comings and goodbyes, the line-up is settled: Ricky (guitar and vocals), Mora (bass and vocals), Pole (drums) and Elio (guitar). The band that inspires these guys to play is Belvedere, as all those bands that belongs to Skatepunk and technical hardcore scene, like This is a Standoff, A Wilhelm screm, BigWig, Strung out, Action men, Pendleton, Forus, SunEatsHouers, LagWagon, Venerea and so on..

In summer 2005 they record their first DEMO “What is..?” in Paolo Martorana’s recording studio.

On July 2006 they recorded their first EP “Don’t Try This at Home”, recorded at Natural Head Quarter (NHQ): this one lets the band cooperate with Alkemist Fanatix Europe (Management and Promotion).

They signed on 12/09/2007 their first contract ever with Quick Flow Records/Alkemist Fanatix Europe thanks to the belief of some very good people. The recordings take part during October 2008 at West Link Studios at Cascina (PI); Alessandro Paolucci and Alessandro Sportelli did the production and the mixing, and Alan Douches did the mastering at West West Side Music (NY).
Their first LP “Slow victims for fast predators” was published on October 2009 and distributed digitally to all known channels (iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc. ..), in Italy by Andromeda Distribution Record Companies, and Europe by New Music Distribution. From 2010 onwards, the album is distributed by Road Runner Records Belgium.
In 2010 and 2011 the band is completely dedicated to the promotion of the album and composes new songs that will form the new album.

In 2011 arrives also the endorser by Mayones Guitars & Basses (
After more than 200 live, the band finally gets confirmation for the production of the successor of “Slow Victims for …”

In 2012 they signed with Overdub Recording / Worm Hole Death / Aural Music Group, and in January 2013 entered at MATHLAB RECORDING STUDIO (PO) with production, mix and master by Jonathan Mazzeo.
The new album “Burning leaves of empty fawns” will be published and distributed in Europe, USA and Japan.

On august 2013 they shared the stage with the band that made them grow up from the beginning, Belvedere. A dream come true.

In march of 2014 went on tour in Slovakia.

In august of 2014 went on tour in United Kingdom.

In november of 2014 went on tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2016 they record their new album “SEITIES” at TITANS LAB Recording Studio (Ferrara) under the production of Riccardo Daga, MIX at Mathlab Recording Studio (PO) by Jonathan Mazzeo and MASTER at New Alliance East in Cambridge (Massachusetts) by Nick Zampiello.

Japan Tour in 2018 to promote their latest album “SETIES” thanks to RNR Tour.
Another dream came true. It was the best way to celebrate our 15th year of life.

On October 2019 a new tour in East Europe with our brothel OUT IN STYLE from Brazil just before to start the recording sessions for the new album.

In 2020 recorded their 4th album “In Hindsight” at Titans Lab Recording Studio.
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Riccardo Daga and the Master by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East.
The new album will be released on 2021 via Too Loud Records/Code7 and Milestone Sounds for Japan.

In January 2023 the new release is the first split with the Brazilian/Canadian band OUT IN STYLE. The split “ITADAKIMASU” was completely Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio in Ferrara (Italy) and distributed by Too Loud Records digitally. 6 fast, powerful and melodic songs.

REVIEWS – Itadakimasu

…FanKaz are more modern hardcore and technical skate punk, played tightly as well oiled machine with many song parts, stop and go, breakdowns and of course fast parts with melodic but also more hardcore screamed oriented vocals…

Desde Italia nos ha llegado el sorprendente proyecto de «Fankaz» y su gran tema «Darkest Shadows» una canción dentro del género Hardcore Punk cargada de momentos realmente emotivos y adictivos.
La canción cumple con una producción de alta energía y voces realmente grandes , por lo que estamos seguros de que disfrutarás cada momento de su sorprendente producción.

So far only digitally and there is a split between Italian Fankaz and Brazilian / Canadian Out in style that is published here. They run every other song and first up is Fankaz with a real bang… a song called Darkest Shadows that mixes emo, hardcore and punk in an excellent way. Out in Style opens with Happiness Quest and it is a fast and well-played and above all melodic song… love it! Fankaz’s second song Crystal Clear continues in the same style… tough and a bit “shouty” but so much emotion in their music. Out in Styles’ second song is At the cemetary and makes me feel emotions that I didn’t think were possible….bubbles with joy when I hear it get melodies and vocals have such a harmony… Poppy punk sure… But so good! Fankaz’s last song Watch me burn keeps the same style and I think Out of Style with its last song impresses me more and barely wins but these are two really good punk groups! – 8/10

REVIEWS – In Hindsight

…Das Album ist in meinen Augen viel ernster als “Seities” und regt mehr zum nachdenken an. Vielleicht liegt es aber auch an Songs wie “Solace”, die von der Grundstimmung schon etwas düsterer sind. Allem in allem, dennoch eine sehr gute Produktion der Italiener. Wer auf schnellen, tiefgründigen Melodic-Hardcore mit Skatepunk Einfluss steht, sollte unbedingt Fankaz auschecken…
…Fankaz seems to like to do the same so if you want a cascade of good and fast music then I think you should definitely give Fankaz a chance to melt your ears. They sing in English and I might rather hear them in Italian but in this way they reach the more people and that’s probably a good thing…7/10

…una colata sparatissima che abbina velocità e linee melodiche tipiche di certe band di fine ’90 inizio 2000, come Thrice, Dead Poetic e The Black Maria. La tecnica non manca ai ferraresi formati da Ricki (chitarra, voce), Mora (basso, voce), Pole (batteria) e Ambro (chitarra,voce), così come le idee, molto legate all’estetica del genere, un campo in cui il quartetto si muove con passione e professionalità…

Video Review by
A message of strength and perseverance is driven by Italian pop-punkers Fankas and their latest track ‘Scars’. Beneath the catchy clean vocals or the pacey riffs that message is a positive one and when you listen deeper to the lyrics it all clicks together. A fun yet poignant track that deserves follow-up listens.
Hard Beat

…Recentemente o grupomostrou mais uma vez estar disposto e preparado para se encontrar na ascensão musical, e lançou o single solo “Scars”, onde é mostrado elementos de Pop, Punk e Post-Hardcore acompanhado com uma lírica que fala sobre a dificuldade de se viver tendo uma doença…
Roadie Music

REVIEWS – Seities

..Alle Songs sind verschmolzen mit den Einflüssen aus Punk, Metal, Hardcore oder Metalcore. Was heraus gekommen ist, ist eine grandiose melodische Platte die sich mit einem rasanten Tempo den Weg durch die Gehörgänge bis ins Mark bahnt, um sich darin festzusetzen und in Erinnerung bleibt…
…On FanKaz’ latest album, “Seities” (meaning ‘individuality’), the band achieve exactly that. It isn’t until fourth track “I Feel Sorry” that there is a significant drop in tempo, opening the track with a guitar harmony – a feature usually reserved for metal bands from the school of Iron Maiden. And whilst there are the occasional, well placed shifts in tempo, the album as a whole is very high octane. Bands like Comeback Kid are brought to mind, focusing more on maintaining the energy than showing off their collection of riffs, and with a 12 track album clocking in at 33 minutes, Seities provides a short but intense burst of adrenaline…


…Nach dem kurzen und sphärischen „Intro“ geht es, mit kontinuierlich über die ganze Scheibe vorhandenen schrammelnden Gitarren, natürlich schon in dem Opener „Screams Of Lieas“ los, wobei die raue Stimme des Shouters zwischenzeitlich von einer verspielten Phase unterbrochen wird. Das mit parallel verlaufenden Songstrukturen versehene „Overwhelmed“, zeigt erstmals auch melodischen Klargesang auf, bevor „I Feel Sorry“, recht abgehackt auf dem Fuße folgt. Während „Broken City“ und „Behind The Curtains“, sogar leicht progressive Züge offerieren, zeigt das folgende „Petrified“, wieder die typischen Songstrukturen auf. Lediglich das abstrakte „Something Personal“ fällt dabei teilweise etwas aus dem Rahmen, um mit dem rausschmeißenden…
Note: 7 von 10 Punkten

“I Fankaz sono Ricky (chitarre/voci), Pole (batteria), Elio (chitarre/voci), Mora (basso/voci). La band nasce nel 2003 e in questi anni di carriera hanno 3 album all’attivo: Slow Victims For Fast Predators, Burning leaves of empty fawns e Seities. Hanno oltre 200 live e esperienze internazionali sulle spalle. Benvenuti Fankaz! Siete in attività dal 2003. In questi anni avrete di certo collezionato momenti memorabili, ma voglio chiedervene uno in particolare: l’aneddoto più curioso e stravagante legato alla vostra esperienza musicale!”


“Jen v málokterém subžánru vznikne tak zásadní výrazová diference, přidáte-li k němu přídavné jméno „melodický“. Ideálním důkazem jsou právě Italové Fankaz, kteří patří mezi zástupce tzv. melodického hardcoru, nicméně rozdíly mezi tímto stylem a klasickým hardcorem jsou tak brutální, že jde o označení z podstaty zavádějící a zcestné. Tohle nemá s produkcí smeček jako Pro-Pain nebo M.O.D. společného vůbec nic, naopak pocitové vyznění melodického hardcoru má mnohem blíže ke skejťácké muzice, částečně snad i k neo-punku. Což samozřejmě neznamená, že jde o žánr opovrženíhodný, jen vám zkrátka nesmí vadit více komerční hudební pojetí s neodbouratelným trendy odérem…..”


“….Un avvio al cardiopalmo con ritmi frenetici e pieni di adrenalina caratterizzano il lavoro del quartetto italiano che propone un Hardcore/Progressive, con interessanti spunti melodici. La buona sinergia che si viene a creare tra i ragazzi determina il buon risultato di “Seities”….”


“….Este trabajo se compone de una breve introducción instrumental y 11 temas de Hard Core melódico con un ritmo rápido, una voz principal agresiva y desgarrada con unos coros melódicos, unas guitarras que no paran mientras el bajo las dobla en su registro y una batería marcando los ritmos….”

“I was never a huge fan of the West Coast skate punk bands FANKAZ. I was more into the East Coast hardcore scene. FANKAZ are hardcore with a melodic sense that makes me think back to the glorious Umeå hardcore days. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Every band has to introduce their music to new people. What is it that you want people to get from listening to you guys? Ricky: We want to transmit energy and positive attitude, even if your days sucks don’t give up, be positive and everything will be fine. How hard was it for you guys to pick a name? What had that name have to have to fit your music?……” 

“I Fankaz pubblicano un disco che riallinea le stelle e il globo terracqueo con l’hardcore melodico, genere troppo spesso stuprato da ignoranti senza arte né parte. I Fankaz hanno qualcosa in più rispetto alle altre band del genere e lo si sente subito, grazie anche alla loro grande padronanza tecnica, che li porta ad eccellere. Il disco sarà uno dei più grandi successi che la vostra cameretta abbia mai visto, con dita alzate e cori che volano, e tanto tanto amore. Finalmente con un disco come Seities ci si può abbandonare alla musica, lasciando da parte generi, sottogeneri, pose o dichiarazioni rilasciate all’asilo dal cantante o in piscina a nove anni dal bassista. Questo è un disco da godere, abbandonarsi e lasciarsi andare, nella migliore tradizione dell’hardcore melodico tecnico……8/10”


“Οι Fankaz κυκλοφόρησαν το νέο τους album με τίτλο “Seities”. Ο νέος αυτός δίσκος ηχογραφήθηκε στο TITANS LAB Recording Studio (Ferrara) κάτω από την παραγωγή του Riccardo Daga, με το μιξάζ σταMathlab Recording Studio (PO) από τον Jonathan Mazzeo ενώ το master πραγματοποιήθηκε στο New Alliance East στο Cambridge (Massachusetts) από τον Nick Zampiello. Όλοι αυτοί οι παράγοντες λοιπόν συνέβαλαν σε μία πολύ καλή δουλειά που αποτελείται από 12 κομμάτια. Την αρχή κάνει η εισαγωγή του που υπάρχει στο album “Seities” για να ακολουθήσουν τραγούδια όπως το “Screams Of Lies”, “Overwhelmed” και “Broken City”, τα οποία δίνουν τη δυνατότητα στον ακροατή να κουνηθεί σι”

“Fankaz is hardcore/post-punk band from Italy which have released their new album under the name of ‚’Seities’’. You can read below an interview I had with Ricky (vocals and guitar) about the new album, past releases also and other Fankaz plans.”
“In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the Melodic Hardcore/Hardcore Punk band Frankaz, from Italy. Check out this band and give them a like on their FACEBOOK PAGE.”