FORGOTTEN DREAM are an alternative rock band formed in Cremona at the end of 2021 and composed of vocals + rhythm guitar / keyboard, guitar, bass and drums.
On June 2022 they indipendently release their first self-produced album “Cotton Candy & Pills”, 8 shoegaze songs with a dreamlike and dream pop flavor.
From there on they played on several stages in Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto before starting to work on new songs.
On September 2023 they sign with Too Loud Records, to work on their new album with the producer Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio.
Compared to the beginning their style is now much more distorted and aggressive, while maintaining well-defined melodic lines, and the influences of grunge, punk and 90s pop-rock.


…El sonido cohesivo se construye a través de las guitarras y la batería, que se alimentan mutuamente para crear una atmósfera robusta y cruda. La voz actúa como guía perfecta, llevándonos a través de las distintas sonoridades y emociones que ofrece esta pista…
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