This world don’t care and neither do we….RUTHLESS street style….heavy…..with some METAL elements, hip hop infused and in your face…the sound of thunder in the distance is a forewarning of something deadly to come..finally something heavy that will get yer booty movin’.

FREAKSHOW is glad to have found a home at TOO LOUD Records.

We plan on bringing the very best music to the label and the world at large.
We’re steady at work on our upcoming release( planning late spring~).
We can’t wait to see you all.
The first album was recorded and produced by Michael J Felder and mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio.

REVIEWS – Freakshow

One of the records that I really enjoyed recently! Their music provoked me enough to know more about their present and upcoming plans. Ladies and gents, let’s meet the guys from the FREAKSHOW!
…The heavy influences here are marvelous indeed, also, you can feel they fuse some other elements to their music as they said ‘metal elements, hip-hop infused and in your face,’ so what I really loved about them they are like a fusion of NU metal like Korn along with ’80s metal style of Pantera…
…Through a vibrant production quality that allows the emotion-fueled in the lead vocals to collide with chugging guitar riffs and colossal drum patterns, the mind-altering fusion of the amplified rhythm instilled into “Waste,” has us grasping the thunderous peaks and valleys of this arrangement. Freakshow illuminates their talents in the lurking depths of shadowy quintessence. There’s something vastly unique about the way they string together a composition…