Lost Words started when friends John X. and Ricky Daga decided to record an acoustic album, something different from what they were used to do with their Punk Rock bands. Ricky had some acoustic guitar arrangements and John some lyrics and melodies, so a 10 track album was recorded between 2018 and 2019. During the recording sessions, John asked some friends over to help with the production and backing vocals. Rafael Buga and Luíza Valladão made a huge difference in the process, with a lot of emotional harmonies. The first single, “Every Day I Fall Apart”, will be out in december 2019, and the full length album, “Hopeless Leftover”, in early 2020.

Hopeless Leftover is a very personal and emotional album which shows how a relationship can affect a person’s life after its breakup.

REVIEWS – Hopeless Leftover

..superbe titre, j’aime l’instru, mais j’ai du mal avec la voix, la manière de chanter, trop punk (Sum41), je suis plus Nirvana, Hinder, The Exies, Seether 🙂 du coup la voix m’a rebutté un peu, mais je trouve cool la voix féminine derrière. Du coup je partage ! Harmonica friendly..