Out in Style is a Skate Punk band with members from Curitiba (Brazil) and QuÈbec City (Canada). The band started in 2016, when bassist/singer Joao Xavier decided to record some of his own songs in the USA, at Nick Diener’s (The Swellers) studio, in Saginaw – MI. He called a drummer, Ricardo Niemicz, who had been living in Canada for a while, and asked him to go on a trip. They recorded a 6 track EP, called “Coffee, Beer and a Movie” at Oneder Studios, mixed and egineered by Nick Diener from The Swellers. After that, they drove to Chicago – IL and released a single called “At The Sanatorium”, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Precision from 88 Fingers Louie at The Bombshelter Studios. Later, the band was invited to open the south american tour for Satanic Surfers and Antillectual. In 2017, the band signed with Too Loud Records and recorded their first full length album at Titans Lab Recording Studio with the production, mix and master of Riccardo Daga, that’ll be released On March 2018.

REVIEWS – Itadakimasu

So far only digitally and there is a split between Italian Fankaz and Brazilian / Canadian Out in style that is published here. They run every other song and first up is Fankaz with a real bang… a song called Darkest Shadows that mixes emo, hardcore and punk in an excellent way. Out in Style opens with Happiness Quest and it is a fast and well-played and above all melodic song… love it! Fankaz’s second song Crystal Clear continues in the same style… tough and a bit “shouty” but so much emotion in their music. Out in Styles’ second song is At the cemetary and makes me feel emotions that I didn’t think were possible….bubbles with joy when I hear it get melodies and vocals have such a harmony… Poppy punk sure… But so good! Fankaz’s last song Watch me burn keeps the same style and I think Out of Style with its last song impresses me more and barely wins but these are two really good punk groups! – 8/10

REVIEWS – Letters Never Sent

…Apresentando uma sonoridade calcada no que existe de melhor dentro do punk rock e hardcore , com riffs certeiros, velocidade e melodia em equilíbrio primoroso “Happiness Quest” nos remete diretamente aos anos 90 , mas sem perder a modernidade dentro do estilo…

…Le brillanti idee messe sul piatto fanno di Letter never sent l’uscita migliore del gruppo, un giusto crossover di melodie pop, fraseggi catchy e strutture rock, e un plauso va anche alla nostrana label, che si dimostra ancora una volta attenta nello scandagliare il mercato estero alla ricerca di band di valore. (Luigi Cattaneo)

On This is Pop Punk Promotion
INTERVIEW…Letters Never Sent is an intelligent, classy, piece of work. There’s lot to like about it and a lot to dig into as deep as you like. There are thought provoking lyrics and banging tunes. Take away from it what you will. We love it…
…We have twelve songs of superb emotional driven melodic hardcore punk, somehow melancholic when listening, and it suits me just fine that way…9/10
INTERVIEW – …Comenzamos en 2016, cuando yo (João Xavier) decidí dejar mi trabajo como publicista en ese momento y viajar a América del Norte para grabar algunas canciones que había hecho y que no estaban siendo utilizadas. Mi viejo amigo Ricardo Niemicz vivía en Canadá…
…There’s a subtle pop-punk edge added, alongside with some emo accentuations, but the group also surrenders sometimes dominant melodic hardcore side. One thing is for sure, Out In Style combines all these additions to highlight or empower particular segments of their songs. Dueling guitars liberate thoughtfully arranged themes on one and energetic shreds on the other side…

An argument can be made that there is no risk in following the tropes of fifteen years ago, but there is nothing more dangerous in music than to take a sound that has been done to death and resurrect it without breathing new life into it. Derivative in the best way possible, Letters Never Sent reminds the listener of everything that made that time and place one of the best times for those who lived it. Out in Style are the sonic equivalent of riding a bike; it may have been years since you last heard it, but once you get going its hard to deny the joy it brings.

REVIEWS – Broken Dreams

Ne znam kako da vam opišem ono što izvode ovi omladinci. To su najbolji momenti bendova poput NO USE FOR A NAME, MILLENCOLIN, NO FUN AT ALL, LAGWAGON, BAD RELIGION, TEN FOOT POLE, 88 FINGERS LOUIE, … smućkanih u četrnaest čaša, a svaka čaša je priča za sebe. Mislim da je ovo jedan od albuma na kojima nema nijedne loše pesme, nijednog lošeg momenta. Čak i ono desetosekundno zezanje na kraju deluje simpatično! “Looking for you”, “Straight and fast”, “Elle”, “Glass”, “Just before dawn”, “Your smile”, “Blindfolded”, “Dreaming”, “Lucid dream”, Drinking in hell”,… Moga ja ovako još, ali mislim da ste shvatili poentu! Momci su sjajni i ovo je MUST HAVE za svakog ljubitelja melodičnih zvukova!!!

Out in Style is fronted by João Xavier,  with guitarist Marlos Andrews and Ricardo Niemicz on drums. They are a mix of nationalities, Brazilian and Canadian.

…The energy and overall vibe of this album was great..”Drinking In Hell”, and “The Great Perhaps” were probably the highlights for me and also the last two tracks! So in particular, these two stood on their own the most in my opinion — feeling their own way from the rest of them…
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…彼らは影響を受けたって公言しているNUFAN、Much The Sameライクな雰囲気に、所々でタッピング、スクリームを絡めて現代っぽさを少し取り入れたスタイルが特徴的。単純にクラシックなメロディックパンクの焼き増しってわけではなく、かといって無理やり最近っぽさを取り入れるわけでもなく、その辺の塩梅が上手だなと思いました。…

…The genre of music that this band plays is one of my favorites to listen to, so I was really excited to check out this record. “Looking For You” has a pretty interesting intro that caught my attention right away. There’s so much energy (which is something that there is plenty of all throughout this record) and this song was definitely a very good first impression of this band’s music…
…Overall, I liked this record. Besides the fact that it’s a pretty strong debut, it’s very energetic and just a fun album to listen to…

…Le prime tre songs “Looking for you”, “Straight and fast” e “Dreaming” viaggiano spedite, con controcanti molto interessanti e una buona dose di energia sparata a velocità sostenuta, salvo però perdersi un po’ in un’eccessiva ricercatezza negli assoli…60/100
..La qualità è molto alta, il gruppo brasiliano (chiamiamolo così per facilità ), sa benissimo dove andare e lo fa con decisione e stile riprendendo il loro nome. Le composizioni delle tracce sono in pieno stile pop punk anni novanta, per cui nessun accordo mollo o batteria quasi inesistente come usa nel pop punk moderno, qui la batteria è quasi sempre in doppia cassa, e le chitarre assieme al basso vanno a mille, e tutto il gruppo gira benissimo…7,5/10

…As I listened to this album my initial apprehension did wane quite considerably as these guys are clearly good at what they do. Everything is played uptempo and the songs are tight. The guitar parts especially really demonstrate some chops and the drums are relentlessly fast but retain a crisp sound. Whilst I’m still not fully convinced that pop punk is going to be a regular listen for me any time soon, this album is actually pretty strong. Particularly on the songs such as ‘Lucid Dream’ and ‘Dead End’ The band have crafted some interesting and polished tracks…