Too Loud Records proudly presents “TEST OF TIME” the 5th album from “UNZANE”.
The new album has strong melodic vocals and lots of power groove riffs with technical compositions and experimental structures.
This new album is more melodic that their well know predecessor (“Justice is our cradle”), a come back to the origins with catchy riffs and choruses.
10 songs recorded by UNZANE and mixed by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio in Italy.

This new album “Test of time” captures our idea of melodic groove heavy metal music. The 10 songs portraits the evolution of the band which is displayed throughout the entire record. This is what we can truly define in our 5th album which has very strong melodic vocals, power groove riffs and catchy choruses. Our songs are like most well-known stories they evolve over time. We know sound is the universal language & our music sets the mood for the story. 

REVIEWS – Test of Time

…With ‘Test of Time’, Unzane charge forward with their hands pressed firmly on their guns. This is an album which sticks very much within its remit, it does a classic heavy metal sound, and it does it well. Yet, ‘Test of Time’ chooses to not ride the coattails of the burgeoning trad metal scene, instead, it opts to carry forward with a thunderous barrage of thrash metal…70/100
Metal Digest

…troviamo il trademark del gruppo, prima di Brave heart warriors, che segue la scia della traccia d’apertura, tra passaggi accattivanti e frangenti più hard, e Because of you, esempio di come gli Unzane interpretano il metal. La martellante Boogeyman rappresenta uno dei momenti più significativi del lavoro, l’amore per l’heavy classico traspare anche in Extreme ferocity…
…this is a production I suspect many will describe in a true metal context. The foundation here is good, old fashioned heavy metal, but explored in a few different but related varieties. We get the more melodic creations with a bit more of a radio friendly character to them as well as chugging, majestic creations and more groove-oriented affairs, and some flirting with old school thrash metal appears here and there too…
The Viking in the Wilderness