OUT IN STYLE Album Release Date Revealed And “Looking For You” Official Video Out!!

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Too Loud Records is proud to announce the release date of Out In Style‘s debut album“Broken Dreams”recorded at TITANS LAB Recording Studio, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga.
“Broken Dreams” will be available on March the 16th via Too Loud Records / Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group and on March the 28th in Japan via Disk Union Distribution.
“Broken Dreams” pre order: 02/03/2018


“Since the beginning the whole idea of the band was to make songs that we enjoy listening to, along with the most sincere lyrics, telling people stories about things that really happened to our lives or based on books, films, video games and stuff like that. So as we listen to punk rock all the time since we were kids, it’s impossible for us to play a different kind of music with the same love and passion as we feel about punk rock. We really like fast songs, with lots of melodies and lyrics that make people relate the stories we tell to the ones they lived in their lives. So on “Broken Dreams” we felt like we were more mature as musicians than on our first EP. We have the same energy, but we spent days in the studio creating lots of arrangements, especially for the guitars. The writing process was kinda curious, cause all the lyrics were finished when we started to record the album, but then I was reading some books during that time and we decided to change a little bit, so I decided to relate our own stories with the ones from the books to create a different feeling in the songs.”
“Looking For You” Official Video 
Director : Guilherme Ikeda
Production : Guilherme Ikeda
Out in Style is a Skate Punk band with members from Curitiba (Brazil) and Québec City (Canada). The band started in 2016, when bassist/singer João Xavier decided to record some of his own songs in the USA, at Nick Diener’s (The Swellers) studio, in Saginaw – MI. He called a drummer, Ricardo Niemicz, who had been living in Canada for a while, and asked him to go on a trip. They recorded a 6 track EP, called “Coffee, Beer and a Movie” at Oneder Studios, mixed and egineered by Nick Diener from The Swellers. After that, they drove to Chicago – IL and released a single called “At The Sanatorium”, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Precision from 88 Fingers Louie at The Bombshelter Studios. Later, the band was invited to open the south american tour for Satanic Surfers and Antillectual. In 2017, the band signed with Too Loud Records and recorded their first full length album at Titans Lab Recording Studio with the production, mix and master of Riccardo Daga.

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